Thursday, January 23, 2014


The Nichol Avenue Project: visible and invisible connections between community and campus.


Like any town or city a campus has visible and invisible limits. These limits, be they legal (property lines), physical (walls, fences and changes in topography), socio-political (campus vs. neighborhood, citizen vs. denizen) create edges and borders that are specific or implied. Not all limits are antagonistic or binary, but the edge of a campus, specifically in urban areas, is complex and worth exploring. This studio will study Nichol Avenue as an edge condition between the Cook Campus and the adjacent neighborhood. The studio will propose designs and programs based on analysis, community workshops, digital and analog mapping, campus site visits and social media. The goal of the studio is to engage actively in the process of community design, place making, and programming.

House on Nichol Avenue-Jack Peters

George Street Intersection-Maria Torres

Views along Nichol Avenue-Ari Salant

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